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Miami Realtor Miami | About Tom

Thomas Druck, Miami Realtor Miami


Born and raised in Munich, Germany, I came to South Beach Miami in 1998 with the intention of experiencing life abroad, broadening my horizon and learning about the American way of life. I was only planning on staying for one year, but one wife & 2 sons later I am still here and have no intention on going anywhere near the cold again. At least not for more than a few days of skiing.


My position as a production manager for an apparel sourcing office taught me the responsibility that comes with dealing in high value transactions. It also allowed me to become skilled in quickly analyzing all kinds of situations and to make decisions that create the best possible outcome for the customer. I believe that my customer service oriented approach has been a major contributor in building my real estate business over the last five years.

I specialize in Miami Condos Miami.

Since I have been a Miami Beach resident and homeowner for over 12 years and I truly believe that it is a very special place to live and work in I decided to make it the hub of all of my real estate related activity. In the past years, I have also added Miami Downtown / Edgewater to my service area, since I believe that there are tremendous opportunities to be found and the area has lots of upside potential.

Miami Realtor Miami

I have started working as a Miami Realtor Miami in a time when the housing market was in a sharp decline, putting Miami Beach realtors out of business by the hundreds. My business however has grown every year, which I feel very grateful for. I would like to believe that this fact is not only driven by good fortune, but by the fact that I give honest advise to my clients even if it costs me a sale.

If there is one thing I don’t like about the real estate business, it is that it’s transactional which means that often times customers get no appreciation after the sale. I aim to build customer relationships for life and don’t measure success in the amount of money I make in a single transaction, but in the happiness of my customers with the transaction. After all the real estate business is still a people business and I strongly rely on referrals for my business growth, so customer satisfaction has to be at the core of my strategy in order to succeed in the long run.

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