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What Tom Does

Tom Makes Your Miami Real Estate Transaction Work For You!
A combination of traditional values and today’s technology allows me to achieve outstanding results for my customers whether buying or selling Miami Real Estate. To see what I can do for you, choose the category that best fits you:
First Time Home Buyer.
Buying your first home is exciting and scary at the same time. I will guide you through the whole process of finding, choosing and buying a home, explaining every step of the way and making sure that you are comfortable with every detail of your transaction, before committing to a purchase.
Trading Up or Down.
While you are very likely to understand the process of buying a home and are probably a lot less nervous than a first time buyer, it is still good to know that you have somebody on your team that will ensure a smooth and hassle free transaction. If selling another home before buying I can help you coordinate both, the sale of you current as well as the purchase of your future home for a seamless transition.
Second Home Buyer.
When buying a second / vacation home, your requirements are likely to be quite different from the typical primary home buyer’s. I will help you find the vacation home that best fits your needs.
Real Estate Investor.
As an investor you are undoubtedly less emotional and more rational about your purchase. In other words the size of the bedrooms and color of the kitchen is probably less important than the cash flow or ROI on your investment. I will analyze all properties that match your criteria to locate the ones that best fit your investment goals.
Residential Property Seller.
As a seller you need an agent that helps you to strategically position your property in the market place, as well as actively markets it to potential buyers and other top agents. While these activities are always important, they are absolutely mandatory in order to succeed in the current market conditions. I will market your home locally, nationwide and even internationally through various channels including the internet as well as a network of agents throughout the US and Europe.
If you are looking to buy or sell Miami Real Estate or a South Beach Miami Condo, please give me a call.