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Do I need an attorney to buy a Miami Beach condo ?

Clients interested in purchasing a Miami Beach condo, often ask me whether they need an attorney to assist them in making an offer on the property of their choice and / or conduct the closing. Unlike some other states, Florida does not legally require that an attorney be involved in the transaction. Of course it is certainly prudent and not uncommon for a buyer to hire an attorney to oversee all details of a transaction.

Assuming you do not want to hire an attorney, most of the offers we write on South Beach condo or Miami Beach condo are made on a standard purchase contract. Realtors have access to the blank contract forms and are legally allowed to fill in the blanks with the information provided by you – the buyer, however we are NOT allowed to interpret the contract for you in any way shape or form. It is pretty straight forward and should not require any interpretation, however if that’s what you want, we would have to refer you to a Miami real estate attorney.

In order for you to get a better idea of what you would be getting into before the time comes to make an offer the South Beach condo of your choice, I am attaching a copy of the standard purchase contract for your review.

Miami Beach condo purchase contract

Feel free to contact me for copies of any other forms that you would like to review prior to making an offer on any condo.