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“Thank you very much Thomas!!! I am truly grateful I found you to help me out sell the property. I am positive that without your help I would still have it as a big burden in my life. Many thanks, I will never forget it–Jasna Lucic

Looking for Miami Real Estate or beachfront property? Interested in buying a Miami Condo? Searching for beachfront rentals in the Miami, Fl area? Want a Miami Luxury Condo? Here are questions and answers that may assist you in your search for Miami real estate.

Q. Why do I need a Realtor? Can’t I just buy or sell my own home?

A. To Sellers: Of course you could handle the sale of your own property and save yourself from paying a commission, but research shows that sales done through Realtors on average net the seller more money than For Sale By Owner transactions (even after paying the fee for our professional services). On top of netting more money, you will also be more likely to succeed in finding a buyer and actually closing your transaction.

You wouldn’t cure yourself from a disease just by looking up the symptoms and cures on the Internet, would you?

To Buyers: Even though almost all available properties are readily available for you to search over the internet, local market expertise as well as knowledge on how to find the best properties and how to negotiate the best deals will help you get the best property that your money can buy. Most of all, why wouldn’t you use professional help, especially since it is generally free of charge to buyers?!

Q. I do not live in Miami. Can you provide your services without my being present?

A. Absolutely. While it is harder to actually purchase a property without being present to take a look at it (although this sometimes does happen too), I very often market and sell properties for out of town (or foreign) owners, without ever meeting them face to face. Our technology is set up to easily handle all aspects of a transaction from a distance.

Q. Can you help with other services such as financing and title work?

A. While financing and title work are not services we provide in house, we do have a network of service providers who we have successfully worked with over the past years and will be happy to put you in touch with them. We also have contacts to other service providers, such as real estate attorneys, CPA’s, general contractors, handymen, landscapers, etc.

Q. How much do you charge for your services and when do I have to pay you?

A. If you are a seller, I will charge you a certain percentage of the sales price, which varies depending on the situation. All fees are due upon closing only. In other words if I don’t succeed, I don’t get paid. For buyers my services are 100% free of charge! Of course initial consultations, are always free to buyers and sellers.

Q. I am a foreign national with no residence in the US, can I still buy US real estate?

A. Absolutely. You need to open a bank account with an US Bank as well as apply for a SS or Tax ID#. For more information, please click here. If you need help with this process, please contact your CPA or ask me to be referred to a local CPA.

Q. Do I need an attorney to buy or sell property?

A. There is no legal requirement to have an attorney represent you in the purchase or sale of property. We do recommend you consult an attorney if you are unsure about any clauses in any of the contracts / legal documents pertaining your purchase or sale. We can refer you to a local attorney as well as provide a sample of a standard purchase / sale contract (insert link to sample contract) for your review.