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How to swallow an elephant ?

As a new – or even seasoned – real estate agent, you will invariably be faced with having to make a big changes in your business from time to time. Many people (including myself) tend to get stuck in analysis paralysis rather than diving into the required change and making it happen. Frequently I find myself to put off certain tasks because they simply seem too big and overwhelming.

The simple solution to that is to break the tasks down into small steps and start chipping away at them. I know this is not a big revelation, but unfortunately it is still something that lots of people have trouble with.

I’ve found 2 techniques that personally help me achieve goals and stay on track:

1)  Set a goal – determine major objectives needed to achieve the goal – determine several strategies to achieve each objective

This is nothing else than breaking down a big goal into small achievable – and easy to follow – task.

2) Make sure you stay on track, by realigning your actions with your goals on a frequent (e.g. weekly) basis.

Personally I break down my annual goals into monthly goals and then weekly goals. The annual goal is of course set only once per year and should not change.  Every month I look at what I have achieved and re-create my goal for next month to bring me back in line with what I need to do in order to stay on track for my annual goal. Subsquently, I reset my weekly goals on a weekly basis to stay on track for my monthly goals.

This is really quite simple, but it works like a charm if you are discipled enough set your goals, break them down into easily digestible steps and follow those steps. Remember that these are MAJOR goals, so don’t get sidetracked by simple tasks that come up and need to be taken care of on a daily basis. Yes, life has a way of throwing you some curveballs and – in the case of any real estate agent – transactions tend to require your time when it’s least convenient. You certainly have to keep your business running and therefore put out some fires here and there, just remember that these should never be an excuse to loose focus of your MAJOR goals !