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iPad for Realtors ? Maybe…

In case you have not heard about the iPad by now, it’s Apple new tablet style computer / e-book reader. The device has created lots of buzz, especially since the speculation about it’s launch has been ongoing for months.

I don’t want to get too technical here, but rather just try to elaborate on one single question. Is the device going to be worthwhile business investment for Realtors ?

The device is highly mobile due to small size, light weight of only 1.5 lbs and 10 hour battery life, which would make it ideal for the typical Realtor’s on-the-road lifestyle.

The catch: It’s not the device that’s the problem, but the fact that so many of our industrie’s third application and software suppliers still refuse to support the Mac platform / Safari browser.

In my own case, working in Miami Beach, our South Florida MLS does not work on Safari, so for my business the device will not be a worthy addition until the MLS vendors finally wake up and smell the roses.

Of course there are other things than the MLS system that could justify getting an iPad, however between my iPhone and my Macbook, I’m more than covered on all these issues. What would have made the iPad very attractive is the ability to share MLS info and pictures with your clients on the spot, which – even though possible – is a bit cumbersome on the small iPhone screen.

With that being said, I’m probably still going to get one, since I  have always been friend of all kinds of gadgets and I absolutely love Apple products.

I still hope that our MLS and maybe even some other companies – like Topproducer for example – will finally wake up to the fact that Apple products are rapidly growing their marketshare and would be well worth supporting. If they don’t do it – someone else will beat them to it.