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Living in Miami

Living in Miami already or planning on living in miami some time in the near future ? Either way, here are some useful tools that might help you find information on just about anything you want from restaurants, shopping & nightlife to homes and condos.

Looking for things to do in Miami ?

Check out our lifestyle search feature here

This tool will allow you to look for restaurants, shopping, nightlife, schools, places of worship, etc. Need to find the closest bank ? Looking for a dentist within walking distance ? Want to know where the golf course is that your friends have been talking about ? Our miami lifestyle search feature can answer all of these questions

You can also check our Miami area guide for some useful links to area attractions.

Planning on moving to Miami (or moving in Miami) ?

You can use our property search feature as well as the newly listed condos and newly listed houses pages to help you find the right property  in miami.

If you have considered living in Miami, whether as a full or part time resident, you should seriously consider buying a miami property. The time is right, since our city was just rated as one of the  top cities in the US where buying a home might be cheaper than renting.

For more information reg. buying a property in Miami, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.