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Miami Beach Realtor

Miami Beach Realtor

Are you looking for a Miami Beach Realtor ?

First of all, for those of you from other parts of the country / world, there are some differences in the way realtors in Miami Beach / Miami operate.

While we have exclusive property listings, we also share all of them through a central database, called MLS (Multiple Listing System). What this means for you as a buyer of seller of miami beach real estate is that you should NOT concentrate on finding a real estate agent based on the properties he / she has (or seems to have) for sale, but rather on qualities like:

Experience / Market knowledge

Reputation / Integrity (customer testimonials are a good indication of customer satisfaction)

Willingness to serve your needs – yes, not every Miami Beach realtor is willing and / or able to serve your exact needs

….and last but not least, pick somebody you actually LIKE. Remember you will be spending some time together, so you should at the very least be comfortable with  your miami beach realtor of choice.

Last, but not least, a major difference for buyers is that you can actually get a miami beach realtor to work for you at absolutely no cost to you since all realtor commissions are paid for by the seller.

If you are currently looking for a miami beach realtor, I would love the chance to talk to you so you can find out if I can meet the above criteria for you. You can easily reach me by clicking on the contact button in the main menu of this page of by calling (305) 482-1688.