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Do’s and don’ts for hiring a Miami Beach Realtor

So you want to sell your condo in Miami Beach and are  hiring a Miami Beach realtor to do the job for you ?

If yes, this brief guide will help you separate the facts from the myths about selling a Miami Beach condo in todays market.

What you don’t want / need from your Miami Beach Realtor:

– He / She doesn’t need to be a “million dollar producer”. What does that mean anyway ? If you sold one million dollar property in the past 5 year, you are technically a million dollar producer. Does that mean that they will do a good job for you ?

– No “old school” advertising. I know some sellers don’t like to hear this, but newspaper ads DO NOT sell properties. When was the last time you started looking for real estate in the local newspaper ?

– A big company name. It’s all about what your agent can do for you, not what their company does for them. Often times the “big name” real estate companies have rules that might even somewhat restrict what your agent can do for you.

What you do want / need from your Miami Beach Realtor:

A Miami Beach realtor that is dedicated to servicing your listing. I know this sounds basic, but if your realtor doesn’t even respond to showing requests, how are they planning on selling your property. Yes, there are some occasions where buyers buy miami beach condos sight unseen, but they are few and far between

– Somebody that is tech savvy. Yes, you heard it right. I know that traditionally a salesperson is supposed to be a “people person” and therefore probably the opposite of a “tech geek”, but the truth is that nowadays all effective real estate marketing is done through the Internet and social media sites like facebook, therefore your agent needs to have at least a basic understanding of these media.

– Last, but not least, somebody that is honest and gives you straight facts. This again seems to be the opposite of the traditional salesperson that tells everybody what they want to hear, but when it comes to selling a big asset like a miami beach condo, you don’t need fluff. Even if you are not happy to hear them, facts don’t change.

As a realtor in miami beach, I can help you sell your miami beach condo.

For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.