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South Beach condos – sales by price range

If you’ve seen my post on the July 2010 condo stats, you know that in July of 2010 there were 78 condos sold in South Beach.

Below graph will show you the distribution by price range:

Sales by price range

…and here’s a look at the average price per sqft that is achieved in each of these price ranges:

Average sales per sqft on South Beach Condos July 2010

If you are wondering what to do with this information, well, really nothing, I just like running numbers for the sake of running numbers.

Ok, seriously, you can of course use these numbers as a guideline if you are a buyer of seller of a miami beach condo or more specifically a south beach condo, however please do use them as a guideline only as there are still major fluctuations within each price range, e.g. even though the avg. price per sqft in the 1MM+ range was almost $800, the lowest sales price per sqft in this range was $497 and the highest was $1288.

Any realtor with a market knowledge of South Beach will be able to help you determine the right selling price (or purchase price) for your Miami Beach condo.