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Why short sales might be your best option…

I wanted to add one thought to yesterday’s blog about short sales.

Even though it seems like there are a lot of negative factors that need to be considered when getting into a short sale transaction, I do believe that they might be your BEST OPTION when trying to score a great deal on a South Beach condo.

You might think I’m out of my mind to tell you this, after stating that the short sale process is generally long, requires a lot of patience and after all is said and done, there is no guarantee that your offer will actually go through.

Well, while that is all true, there is one big advantage in that truth. Many buyers (as well as their agents), do not want to deal with short sales for these exact reasons. That means that there are plenty of potentially great deals out there, that few people are considering. NO or LITTLE COMPETITION is your big advantage here. Something that can’t be said for well priced foreclosures.

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